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Weapons and Armour

     In Konung there are three main weapon groups: swords, axes and bows. Axe group also contains all bludgeoning weapons such as cudgels and maces. There are more than 10 types of weapons in each group, varying in design, power and other attributes. Every weapon has several base attributes: power, deterioration level, weight and limitations on character’s stats. Plus magically enhanced weapons may have various useful or harmful bonuses, for example there are magical bane-swords that inflict critical wounds to specific types of monsters.

     The better the weapon, the harder it is to wield such a mighty blade. Best axes, swords and maces would become usable only after your character reaches a certain level of experience. Each weapon has one limitation usually, for example bows require high dexterity, and swords require high strength.


     Weapons that look alike may have different attributes, depending on the skill level of the blacksmith that manufactured those items. Best bows are maid by Slavic masters, Vikings are the best axe makers and no other sword can match a true blade forged by a Byzantine smith.

     Axes and blunt weapons have greater power than swords, but they deteriorate very fast. There are no other missile weapons except bows, still there are several types of ammo: arrows with flint, copper, iron and silver heads (these are perfect against shapeshifters). You can also make incendiary arrows, applying oil to ordinary ammo. Flaming arrows are capable of setting ablaze any structure in an enemy camp.

        Just as weapons, armour is also divided into several global groups: body armour, shields and helmets. Any piece of armour may be manufactured from wood, leather and steel, plus there are combisets of armour like brigantines, that are made of leather and iron.

     Best helmets are made in the forges of Slavic smithies, mailshirts with highest AC (armour class) are manufactured by Vikings, and no weapon can smash through a sturdy Byzantine shield. Every armour piece has a set of attributes that show its AC, deterioration level and various limitations. Your character must be very strong and have high vitality to wear a good mailshirt. Some armour types require high dexterity too.

     Weapons and armour may be repaired by smiths, though only friendly smiths will provide such a service. Any damaged item loses several points of deterioration attribute after repairs are done. This loss depends on the skill of the smith. Items that have deterioration level equal to zero are considered to be destroyed and cannot be repaired.