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About 1C

     Founded in 1991 1C specializes in distribution, support, publishing, and development of computer software and databases. 140-employes staff makes more than $100 000 per person per year sales. According to several independent quizzes (Dator, Laminfo, MKF, “Company” magazine etc.) in 1997-99 1C was voted the most popular company in Russian computer industry.

     At present more than 1800 dealers from 300 cities of the former USSR cooperate with 1C. About 800 teams in regions forms the 1C:Franchaising, which is a main channel of value-adding for 1C products. Service-partners provide regular information and technological support for the users of 1C software. The network of about 550 authorized training centers is also important. The 160+ 1C:Multimedia software shops franchising chain specialized in sales of home entertainment products.

Annual sales turnover of 1C, mln USD, 1991-1998

     1C is the official distributor of such world-famous vendors as Microsoft, Novell, Symantec, IBM-Lotus, Borland and more than 60 Russian software vendors. 1C offers more then 1500 titles of software for office and home.

     Among 1C developed software the most important is 1C:Predpriyatie (1C:Enterprise) system of company automation products.

     One of this system products — 1C:Buhgalteria (accounting) is the most sold computer software in the CIS - over 7000 copies per month. More than 250 000 enterprises as official users of 1C:Buhgalteria get quarter updates following the legislation changes.

     Also 1C is publishing and distributing several databases such as accounting and tax legislation products, developing the range of products for e-mail, docflow and e-commerce.

     Since 1996 Fall “1C” is publishing and developing HOME/ENTERTAINMENT software. Our 1C:Repetitor (Tutor) series include CDs on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and several are under development. We published several “living-book”-styled and entertainment CD series: 1C:Doka Treasure Island, Tom Sawyer and Peter Pen, (localized products of Europress Software Co., co-published with Doka), six issues of Russian Folk Tales, popular Russian encyclopedias on Cats, Birds, Dogs, Fishes etc; the most nominated product is 1C:Komtech Alice World (co-published with Komtech, an interactive CD-ROM based on the internationally acclaimed book of L. Carroll) and some other products.

     1C has published several successful titles including 1C:Gamos. Pilots Brothers based on popular cartoon, Hard Trucks. Road to Victory by SoftLab-Nsk (co-published with Buka)  and Allods. Sealed Mystery by Nival Entertainment (English version of Allods entitled Rage of Mages was published in US by Monolith Productions). Allods 2: Necromancer has been released and unleashed everywhere in Russia onto shop shelves on April 1999, exactly a year after the release of Allods: Sealed Mystery.

     Since  autumn 1998 we released in Russia localized versions of Shogo by Monolith Productions, Knight&Merchants by TopWare Interactive and Excessive Speed by Iridon Interactive, Odium by TopWare Interactive  (all of these titles were fully localized by Snowball Interactive, our co-publisher in Russia) and Atlantis 2 by Cryo Interactive.

    We have strong in-house games development team that worked for two years on Konung: Legends of the North (RPG/Adventure with RTS elements) since year 1997. The international version of Konung (in English) is ready and Russian is being published in Russia by 1C and remains the most popular Russian game (more than 60.000 copies were sold for just three months).

     We work as a publisher with five of the leading native independent development studios such as Nival Entertainment, Snowball Interactive, SoftLab-Nsk, Gamos and Maddox Games.

We are funding development of such projects as Allods 3 (working title) by Nival, Warlord Vseslav: Sword of Fire by Snowball, Hard Truck 2 (working title) by SoftLab-NSK and IL-2 Sturmovik by Maddox Games. All rights for publishing on territories of former CIS and Baltic States belong to 1C.



Contact person: Nikolay Baryshnikov