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      There is no roleplaying in the game where our characters aren't opposed by dozens of furious monsters, that have already forgotten when they were fed for the last time. We have also included a nice set of monsters in Konung. Some of them are humanoid and intelligent, other are nothing more that mindless killing machines or hideous undead creatures. Here is the complete list of fearsome adversaries.



Giant Ants

    Pretty weak creatures, though they fear no one and feed in huge groups. When they notice a group of people that enter their domain, the whole pack attacks the closest target.



     Eechetik is an evil swamp spirit. Eechetik feels human presence and moves towards his enemy under marsh water. Then it suddenly attacks (usually from the rear). Eechetiks prefer to attack in small groups.




     Weak creatures but their strength is in numbers. Beware! Some spiders are poisonous! Their tactics is simple: encircle and destroy.


Giant Worms

      Usually stay near their nest. Don’t have any brains or sense of fear. Some worms are poisonous!




     Very cowardly monsters. Morocks live in small packs up to four – five creatures. Due to their cowardice flee after being hit. Very fast and tough to kill. Though bows work fine against these.




     Marsh-dwellers live in marshes and they seem to appear just from nowhere. Their bites are strong but not lethal. Strong, merciless opponents.


     Skeletons are remains of fallen warriors. Usually they dig themselves out of ground and attack from the rear. One skeleton is an easy prey and could be killed with a single mighty blow, the problem is that it regenerates 5-10 times before falling apart.



     Ghoul is just another type of restless dead. They are very tough and strong. It is very hard to defeat ghoul in hand to hand combat. Ghouls usually roam old ruins and scorched villages. They never go far away from their “homes”.




     Zombie is an undead that is tougher than ordinary skeleton but weaker than a ghoul. Zombies are usually met in small groups. Not extremely strong but their vitality is really great. Zombie can withstand a good beating before being destroyed. 




     Extremely dangerous dinosaur-like predators. Moss-dwellers roam forests in large packs. Moss-dwellers always attack a single target preferring to kill the weakest first. Wounded creatures would try to flee to heal and regroup.




     Quite a peaceful monster, preferring to eat grass than to stalk strangers. Though if threatened aspids turn out to be quit ferocious beasts. They never split up and always try to keep minimal distance between pack mates. Wounded aspids fall back, while other cover their retreat.



     That’s a solitary creature of mysterious origin, though there were reports about groups of goblins. Goblins are masters of concealment and they hide in forests, where they are virtually nondetectable. Very strong, their blows can break trees, but not to tough. Even a scratch can be lethal for a goblin. That’s why they flee in panic if severely wounded.


Swamp Trolls

     Huge, slow creatures whose only idea is total destruction. A pack of swamp trolls is more than a nuisance, because their blows and jabs case terror and break spines. Never retreat from combat, seldom use any tactics other than frontal assault.



Carnivorous Plants

     Carnivorous plant is a very dangerous monster. It is immobile, but is capable of attacking in any direction. Sometimes it is better to avoid these hostile members of local flora, but carnivorous plants just love to grow in such places where you’ll have only one option: hack them down. Their bite is powerful and poisonous. The main problem is that it has no fear of bows, because it is impossible to kill a man sized tree with arrows.



          Plus there are some more special monsters like shapeshifters (they can take any form), the Undead Queen or the Dragon, that could be named as boss-creatures.