The game
Game world
System requirements
About 1C


  • 16 Bit High Colour, 640x480 to 800x600 resolution

  • Colourful real-time light effects

  • Twilight effects for day/night cycles

  • 5,000 screens sized 640x480

  • The scrolling is limited by player’s field of view for creating more realistic environment.

  • Interaction between non-player characters (independent manufacture of goods, free trade, exchange of information, personal items upgrade)

  • Artificial intelligence working in real-time

  • Intelligent combat action by the companion characters (switching between weapon types, choosing target etc.)

  • Group and individual behavior.

  • Independent development of villages (building houses wells, barracks and many other structures)

  • There are about 200 different characters available to communicate (50,000 words in dialogues).

  • More than 20 different monster types (several dozens of subtypes of varying strength), including shapeshifting beasts that can take shape of any creature

  • Some monsters can be recruited to the player's party.

  • Any non-player character is able to join the player party.

  • Non-player characters proceed with their actions with or without the player's attention.

  • NPC independently gain experience and advance in levels.

  • More that 100 items with different parameters and magic enhancements. The number of such combinations is close to 40,000.

  • New items can be manufactured and traded.

  • All non-player characters and monsters have their own inventory.

  • Items used by player and NPCs affect character animations.

  • Player can create potions and elixirs using herbs and other components.

  • 50 magical artifacts with different abilities including teleportation and resurrection.

  • More than 60 nonlinear quests that can be solved in several ways.

  • Simple user interface: all actions are possible with a single click.

  • 22Hz 16Bit stereo sound effects

  • 44Hz 16Bit CD-audio music