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     It is impossible to imagine a CRPG without a roleplaying system. Konung isn't an exeption from this rule. Our game is based on a quite complicated system. First of all, you can play for three different heroes (each of them has his own walkthrough). Each hero may be a representative of one of four classes: warrior, merchant, hunter or leader.

     Plus, every character is described by a huge set of various attributes and parameters (total 43), but player is able to see only a small amount of basic parameters and skills. Short description of main attributes and skills lies below.


     Wolf gathered his best gear and weapons and stormed towards the most populated village, wishing to win the support of the local chief and gather some fighters. Sure as the sun goes down, enemy clans will soon pour their warriors onto the Northern Lands. The will be led by cunning shrewd masters, they will be skilled and merciless. But – given time and determination – they will be met properly. The first thing to do is to surround the hunting camp with a dike made from old sturdy trees. Second, find a smith who can forge weapons for the future army, and forge them fast and strong.

     After that it is crucial to find the old Witchdoctor who dwells in the grove across the river. He is an ancient one; he remembers the Age of Gods, and he can help with his magic. Perhaps the old man needs a small service from fitting honest men? Perhaps, he will be grateful enough to grant an ancient “singing thing”. They say Witchdoctors still possess powerful “singing things”…

     Besides, hunters must be trained some fighters’ skills, some basics of the Art of War. It would be just fine to find somebody in these parts who has practice in battles and raids. No doubt, that man will be repaid handsomely – a separate house, whatever he might want for himself. He will be quite a boon by himself in the battles to come, but, more importantly, he must convey his skills and experience. Hunters are no swordsmen, but they are good material; their bows are deadly, their aim accurate and their hands strong.

     If hunters can overcome invaders and recover the precious Amulet of Dragon, then… Then Lone Wolf will lead his army to the Buried City, challenge the Dragon and do the beast in by force of arms and magic of the Amulet. Then, he will recover the Bracelet of Lordship and revive his own clan. He will found a state of his own and will bring revenge on the most ancient Nordic Clan, wreaking havoc and death, wiping them all out for the humiliation they have being causing for eons. Death to the Nordics! But, above all, death to Vseslav the Immortal! What a joy and delight – to kill him with my own hands, ruthlessly and permanently! Death! Death to Vseslav! Hail to Lone Wolf – soon to be the new Supreme Ruler!

     Eric did not waste his time either; Vikings have always been keen on war games and long raids. The Northern forests lay close and were easily reached. The way to the Kingdoms of Underground earth was known to Eric and it would not take much time to get there, to the Buried City. Berserks are born fighters – even the howling and wailing of all the monsters of the Underground will not freeze the blood in their veins. But even the ferocity of the Berserks would be in vain in the final battle, for the Dragon is invincible without the whole Amulet. So, the other two parts of the Amulet must be located and captured – better still if they can be taken from the cold bodies of their unfortunate bearers.

     Knowing Master Orr, Eric was sure that at least one part of the Amulet was in Vseslav’s hands – in the hands of Eric’s lifetime rival and sworn foe. Even better then – that’s just another reason to set sail for the Northern Lands, to ring steel on steel and settle things once and for all. There can be only one great warrior – the mightiest!

     Petty northern hunters are no match for the Vikings – how could foolish foresters possibly know warriors’ ways? Proud European cities tremble when they hear the name of Vikings, and lords of the most formidable castles bow low before the rage of Earl’s warband. The best fighters in the world are marching now under Eric’s standard, and the North will fall under their feet. None can stand against them. Only the glorious veterans of Rome may have stood a chance – but they are no more, buried and forgotten. Well, some fighters prize Byzantine cohorts, but such cohorts are few, and what would they do in the Northern forests? Trading outposts, at best – but they are not the real power.

     Konstantin was nearing the Northern lands with the trading caravan. Heavy and weary was his heart, his head in confusion. He would surely best any rival one-to-one, but no man – mortal hero or immortal champion – could crash through the well-armed and deftly led army near the Buried City. The ancient bracelet would have another Master then.

     Worse yet, Konstantin had no clue as to which of the immortals he would face in the struggle for the bracelet. Konstantin could only hope to meet up with his best childhood friend and comrade-in-arms Vseslav. Their bond was shaped and hardened during the long clan wars, when they fought side by side. Konstantin and Vseslav would ally once more, and the bracelet would serve their joint goal.

     But not to forget Eric… What if he comes for the bracelet, too? Evil unmeasured and darkness beyond comprehension follow Eric. Besides, they say, Eric commands a band of Berserk Vikings who are almost as good as the holy warriors of Byzantium. But the Byzantine arms in this caravan are few, while it is told that the Vikings’ sheer numbers are immense, let alone their fighting prowess, their lust for bloodshed, their ferocity.

     It will be worthy of trying then, to find allies among forest hunters of the Northern Land. Konstantin could provide fine steel forged by the best Byzantine masters. It would be wise to build a trading outpost in one of the hunters’ camps or villages. They will prosper through trade with Byzantine merchants – and men will fight hard to protect their riches, so they will come handy in battles against other immortals and their warbands. Rough and hardy hunters, properly armed and trained by the heirs of the glory of Rome may become formidable opponents even for the fierce Berserks of Eric.

     Thus contemplated and probed their fate three Champions of the Amulet of Dragon, on their path to the Northern forests. Meanwhile brave men, hardy hunters, lived their lives in the forests of the North, fighting their own battles against terrible monsters that roamed the woods following the demise of Master Orr.

     Too many frightful fiends – tremendous beasts with sharp fangs, horrible overgrown insects, ravenous plants unseen before… and others, untold of, for nobody survived these unfortunate encounters.

     Which of the champions will prevail? Who will win the last bloody battle? Who can train the best troops, who will command rich resources of vast Northern lands most wisely? Whose warriors will be the best prepared for the final, ultimate test, sweating in training camps, maturing in clashes with woodland beasts, mastering the art of war? Who can cut the opponent out from wealthy locales, drive him into barren wastelands? Who will find secretive, ancient Witchdoctors and their enchanted artifacts that give mysterious power to warriors? Who will win the last bloody battle? Whose fighting spirit will endure unbearable hardships and losses…

     The forests of the Northern Land will determine who is the best and decide the fate of all involved…

     There are no preset difficulty levels in “Konung”, but every hero has his own way. One will have to fight through obstacles and draw steel every minute, the other will be able to settle everything down using his intelligence and diplomatic skills. Though if you seek for the easiest walkthrough, you should play for Eric’s side. Those who feel themselves ready for hardships and real challenges of the fate should try Konstantin’s path. Wolf refers to intermediate level of difficulty. Eric should be able to solve all available quests, plus some of them won’t require several extra moves and/or brilliant ideas. Wolf can try to solve most quests too, but some tasks will require more hard work than in the case of Eric. Konstantin has mostly one option – to slay and to conquer, because local tribes dislike Byzantines.



     The strike of his sword can be compared only with Titans' rage. Nobody can match the Warrior in hand to hand combat.


     The Hunter of the Northern Lands is a brilliant archer. In close combat, his strokes may not be as powerful as those of the Warrior, but they are more precise and he easily evades the enemy's sword.


     He may lack the Hunter's dexterity and the Warrior's stamina but a hardened Merchant can withstand the strongest strokes of his enemy's sword. In addition, his maximum weight limit is greater than all the other heroes.


     The mark of a true Leader is the strength which his words inspire. A Leader can gather about him the largest band, the best warriors, who will fight to the death by his side.


     Charisma. Charisma determines a leader's capabilities. This characteristic directly affects the number of warriors who will travel with you in your team.

     Strength. Your physical strength determines the power of your sword or axe strokes. A strong Hero can fight with a heavy sword that splits an enemy's armour as if it were a straw basket.

     Dexterity. Dexterity determines your ability to evade the enemy's sword or arrow. Only dexterous Warriors can make the precise hit that will kill an enemy.

     Vitality. The Hero who enjoys great stamina will withstand numerous enemy blows. He can carry heavy items, wear the strongest and heaviest armour, and lift the heaviest axe which splits a steal helmet as if it were an egg-shell.

     Every character (like in Diablo) has one dominating attribute: it is strength for a warrior, dexterity for a hunter, vitality for a merchant and charisma for a leader. Any hero that has certain numbers in his attribute’s graphs can raise his level of experience.


     The development of characters’ attributes is organised according to a special system, designed to encompass a variety of different factors. Experience points, necessary for development of attributes, can be earned for both successful combat and completion of quests. Skills are developed through their use – the more often a character successfully uses a skill, the faster it improves. Thus, a constantly-fighting warrior is constantly improving his fencing skill.


     Fencing stands for fighting with an axe or sword. The well-trained Warrior is worth three novices. Improve your skills by fighting asps and monsters. Take every opportunity to practice before the final fight for the Dragon's Amulet.



     A bow in the hands of a skillful Archer is a serious weapon. Endeavour to become the best Archer in the Forest Land. Shoot often and don't spare your arrows. Remember that incendiary arrows can set an enemy camp ablaze.



     It is difficult to recognize the secret abilities of the Singing Relics which remain from the time of the Titans. Only a Hero who has seen many of the Singing Relics in his life will be able to determine whether they bring benefit or harm to their owner.



     To bargain well is not a shameful business for even the bravest Hero. The ability to buy an expensive sword cheaply or to gather a large contribution from a village is extremely important in the difficult struggle for the Dragon's Amulet.



     A Hero who travels the forests and caves alone must be able to treat his own wounds. The way to the nearest Healer may be not only very difficult but also dangerous. Skills in the preparation of medicinal or poisonous mixtures will help to save both time and money.


     There are more than 100 different items including weapons, armour, magical items and other miscellaneous artifacts. All these items may have different parameters and magic enhancements. The number of such combinations is close to 40000.

     We have invested the game with over 60 main types of Viking, Byzantine and Slavic weapons and armor. Apart from its basic characteristics, weapons and armor can possess a number of magical attributes, increasing the diversity of items still further.

     A specially-designed system allows for the blending and mixing of various healing and magical components, to produce desired potions and magical liquids.

     Each character has limited weight capacity, depending on corresponding attributes’ score.

     Changing of clothes and weapons is visualized in the character’s inventory and in the game screens and the player can always check which weapons and armor possession of each character possesses.

     The game allows for barter, which can be executed with any human character (except outright enemies, of course) and even with some monsters.